At first it was just a hobby: we were the students of higher educational institutions, willing to explore the world of IT, and we exercised ourselves in creating sites. When your work matches your hobby, it`s getting interesting to work. We established a company, which initially comprised two persons, and continued to do what we love. Time went by, we accumulated experience; the staff of our employees also expanded.

Now we are a team of experienced developers, marketing experts and Web designers, with the working experience of 6 years behind us.

Our responsibility and approach to problem solving gave the nod to the creation of more than 100 Internet-projects in different areas, starting from the easiest ones and up to most sophisticated and innovative ones. From year 2008 on, we got all-around development, being committed to the greatest possible extent satisfy the Customer`s expectations, and our own ego. Now we are happy to offer you the best approach to the solution of any task, our responsibility and professional competence.

Now we aim at not only making a site, but to create a media product , capable to solve the Client`s needs.