How we work with our clients

We are able to cope with an IT-project of any level of difficulty, no matter which one it is, the structure of its creation is the same. FYA: all the basic steps of project creation and nuances of our work.

Idea Men

Everything starts with an idea.

We will run any of your ideas, analyze and consult, work out most effective concept, which will work for you.

Генератор идей

Aim programmer

In order to bring your idea to life certain tools are required.

To accomplish your purposes we offer solutions with: PHP, C++, HTML и Javascript, MySQL, Mobile Apps

Программатор целей

Design transformer

Design is a face of your project.

Before signing an agreement we build up a technical assignment of the project. In it we make a detailed overview of the stepped structure we adhere to in our work, make up a Gantt diagram, where the timing for every stage is spelled out. We draw the design on the interface for the whole project.

Трансформатор дизайна

Coordination mechanism

For us it`s vital to understand, what the customer wants to obtain.

When the pattern of the interface is ready, and all the steps of project development are mentioned, we jointly look through the plan, if necessary, you make a change in something, then we sign the contract and get down to business.

Механизм согласования

Process tracking

One must know what he/she pays for.

For you to monitor the process of your project development we provide you an access to the service of version control, which enables you to trace on daily basis what is done about the project.

Процессор проекта

Fault testing

One cannot do without testing.

When the project is ready, it`s time to test it.
We arrange both stationary A-B-testing, testing for week points and safety systems, and also testing with consideration of focus-group, which helps to detect all the week and strong points of the project.

Тестер неисправностей

Marketing control

Advertising is the engine of progress.

For millions of users to learn about your project we arrange promotion campaign:
SEO, SMM, viral advertising, advertising campaigns in Google and Yandex.

Пульт маркетинга

Success accumulator

Your success is our main reward.

For the project support and development we offer hosting, 24-hour technical support for the project, protection against DDos attacks and hackers.

Накопитель успеха

We appreciate every client

Anyone can try tasty and flavoured coffee on our cosy office, and to admire the landscape from the level of bird fly.

Now it`s time to get to know each other closer

You can contact us in any convenient way – we will meet and discuss the opportunities of our cooperation with a cup of coffee.

As Donald Trump used to say : “There is nothing more damaging for financial success, than non-implementation of an excellent idea”.

We are ready to implement any of your ideas and help with its creation and promotion.

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