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Our customer service, is quite transparent. It will enable you to trace the whole process of your product creation from the moment it is born and until it is started up.

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New project

FITRATE Social weblog about fitness

An ambitious project of weblog about fitness and bodybuilding. The customer took an aim to create a modern, eye-filling, meaning and efficient product, including a number of innovations for a user. For the moment the product is at its testing stage, in parallel the community is being popularized via Vkontakte (CIS-area social network) (

Link to the project: Fitrate


Drive2moto project (version 2.0)

The initial version of the project was the first of our own blueprints. After a while we decided to update and improve the project. We have drastically changed the design, improved and expanded functionality.

Nowadays «drive2moto» is one of the best projects for motorcyclists in ru.-net. The site is a social network with a specific focus: motorcyclists and motorcycles. The specific feature of this social network is that the motorcycle and its owner are both directly involved in the project. Each bike has its own page, logbook, and rating. In addition, the project is popular in social networks: Drive2moto public of Vkontakte social network comprises almost 95,000 subscribers.

Link to the project: d2m


T-shirts with patriotic logos

With reference to the events taking place in Ukraine there appeared an idea to create a patriotic project: a manifesto against war and bloodshed that took the country by storm.

The site is a landing-page, i.e. one-page website with a “showcase”. The color scheme represents the flag of Ukraine; a logo and models of t-shirts were designed.

Landing-page design is a standard one: timer, discounts, click to buy - all of these are basic requirements for this type of project. The same project is adapted also to mobile devices due to library.

Link to the project: ukrpatriot


Car wash booking service in Kyiv

In a large metropolis every driver is well aware of how much time can an ordinary car wash take. We are also at the wheel, and facing this problem from time to time we wanted to make people's lives a little easier. In this regard, we used geolocation achievements of "The Place" project and created a service that allows you to quickly and easily find the nearest car wash, get acquainted with the price list and the list of its services, get directions and contact the receptionist for booking.

Link to the project: Car wash


All the public places of Kyiv centralized here

The project to book the table one-click in the best restaurants of Kyiv.

Anyone visiting restaurants or cafes at least once faced with lack-of-space problem. Before, in order to book a table, you had to seek for contacts of various places, and then negotiate your booking with the administrator. It`s taking a long while and is uncomfortable. This was the main idea, with which the customer of the project turned to us.

The site is based upon the framework, and made from scratch: from the program part and to up design. The project is adapted for mobile devices, has an intuitive interface, an easy filling tool. Every place has a subdomain singularized: therefore, every place obtains a kind of “business card” site. Moreover, it is integrated with geo-location service, also the principle of triangulation is applied to determine location via the Internet. For the time being, the customer`s request was to “freeze” the project.

Link to the project: The place

the place

“Krolik Senya” (Senya the Rabbit) sex-shop

The project was inspired by Maidan events and mainly one of its leaders, ridiculed in “Fairytale Rus” cartoon.

The customer came with a ready idea, which needed implementation in terms on design. We took a ready platform, for the moment it was a latest version of VamShop. This case, to our belief, was an incarnation of our designer`s creativity. There were plenty of ideas, which were many times redrawn, until we finally came to a final solution. After being started, the site provoked a lot of noise and discussions both in Russian and Ukrainian media. For the moment the project is closed by the Customer.

Link to the project: Krolik Senya


Automobile portal "Avtomolot"

…Is a prototype and development of the major Russian "Avtomolot" portal, the basic principle of which is intelligent communication between the users. The project was designed as a sophisticated service dedicated to buyers and sellers of automobiles and spare parts. At the moment the project under preparation for opening, and is filling its base via Landing Page.

Link to the project: Automolot


"Kolokota" CRM-system

A powerful and multifunctional system to monitor call-center operation for one of the major Russian companies.

The system is based on Ip-Telephony service by and provides coordinated work of sales managers and monitoring of their work. The project includes managing of user roles, reports on customer calls, status of ringup, efficiency of calls, sales and manager efficiency esteem, catalog of the companies and employees for a ringup, scheduling calls in the calendar, ringup setup.

The key feature of the project is the possibility of combining call center functions, and function of customer service analysis, as well as the ability to makeup a call center anywhere provided that Internet is available - without a pile of additional equipment and costs. Currently being used in one of the largest Russian companies.


«Jakluzi» webstore

One of the largest manufacturers and sellers of curtains and louver shutters in Russia.

We have elaborated its unique design, prepared and tuned its platform, wrote SEO texts for the basic chapters. The specific feature of the store is the opportunity to create regional clones on the basis of subdomains. Also we redesigned the mechanism of purchase, since the concept of “shopping basket” didn`t really fit, and traditional pages with goods were performed in Landing Page style.

Link to the project: Jakluzi


"Chekholka" 3d iPhone cases

"Revolutionary" Landing Page for iPhone cases sales:)

A plain and colorful one-page website with creative idea to use the character of Che Guevara due to the consonance with the way "case" word sounds in Russian (“Chekhol”). For the moment, 3d printing was a novelty, and the customer set a goal to run a “demand-determining” campaign. The Landing page was published in social networks, which enabled to determine level of interest of the audience.

Link to the project: Chekholka


iPhone screen protector

Classic Landing Page. This time for a nano screen protector, able to protect the phone even from the hack of the hammer.

Customer shipped a large batch of screen protectors, and took aim to sell the goods. We chose an integrated approach to carry out this task. Therefore we developed a colorful Landing page, held a PR-campaign to promote the project in social networks and set up contextual advertising.

Link to the project: Nano screen protector


«Autopost» company sales site

The company sells contractual engines throughout Russia. The site is based upon Bitrix control system.

It was originally designed not by us, but we implemented lots of different modifications to the project. The main difficulty we had to overcome is that the previous developer tried to expand bitrix functionality, but failed to do it correctly. As a result, the root functions of the engine itself not always worked correctly. What we`ve done: redesigned some pages, javascript-plugins, completed custom modules, corrected errors of previous programmers, implementing additional functionalities.

Link to the project: Autopost


«Magenta-shop» webstore

A company selling inks and accessories for printers in Russia.

Initially, the project was created not by us, but this is probably the project which needed most of our fine-tuning. A huge amount of different modifications were implemented. Home page and some other pages as well were redesigned, lot of improvements on SEO-optimization were applied. We modified VamShop modules: articles, news, RSS, viewed items, recommended products, shopping cart, orders. We improved "Buy One-click" plugin, added tracking for Google Analytics and Yandex metrics. We tuned and greatly expanded functionality of site administration, created the module of postponed emailing with discounts, and a host of other things.

Link to the project: Magenta-shop


Internet-shop of automotive electronics "Avtosvet"

Online store selling automotive electronics. A leader of this segment in Ukraine.

The site is based on VamShop, but the initial distribution is processed by us. Bugs irrationalities were fixed; various additions were introduced to administrative functions. For example, in VamShop it is not possible to fill the store with products and specify prices in different currencies. This was the omission of developers, since suppliers can indicate the goods in the national currency, UAH, and EUR. But how should one proceed with the floating rate? Its ok when the batch of the goods is small , but when there are thousands if items, it`s difficult to do without it . We supplemented the assembly with this functionality. We also conducted SEO optimization and set up Pay Per Click advertising campaign.

We have compiled SEO-texts for all the categories, developed design and logo.

Link to the project: Avtosvet


«Tuningcar» Tuning online shop

It is a descendant of "Avtosvet" store, developed by us earlier. This option is for the sale of spare parts.

The customer liked how "Avtosvet" worked, and he was minded to set up a specific shop selling exclusive items for cars on its base. The site was based upon "Avtosvet" design, we redrew the logo, restructured the main page, changed color scheme.

In terms of functionality the store was different because it was necessary to implement tool for price importing from the Excel. Moreover, the fields of prices were not set. Import tool is not working correctly in VamShop , and, in addition, price required a strict format, therefore we drastically changed it. We made a mechanism of field mapping, validation and direct import into the database. Conducted basic SEO optimization and customized PPC advertising.

Link to the project: TuningCar


«Linenbed» bedding webstore

Moscow shop of exclusive bed linen.

Initially, the site was made not by us, but we did a lot if editing work. VamShop Platform of rather an old version originally contained a lot of errors in operation. We updated and finalized this version. Redesigned, altered the shopping cart, made many corrections with reference to SEO-Optimization, tweaked administration.

Link to the project: Linenbed


«iFAQ» Interesting facts and questions

Our own project that contains a lot of all-around interesting facts.

The project is a simple blog for the interested persons. Livestreet platform is used as a base, was created to “polish” the skills of our copywriters. It was created for no commercial pretext, and simply contained unique texts with interesting information.

Link to the project: iFAQ


"Credo-tour" travel agency site

The company sells tours to various directions, books plane and train tickets.

The project was done from scratch. The customer turned to us after careless developers have tried to execute the project on bitrix, but it did not work. We decided not to handle their drafts, and to develop everything from scratch. To do this, we used our own platform. The site presupposed integration with ticket booking service; personal accounts, photo and video galleries, articles, tours, etc.

Link to the project: Credo tour


«Astana Design Studio»

Design Company for interiors and facades in Astana.

We masterminded a “business card” site and online store for the company. Website design was carried out in strict accordance with the company's corporate identity, portfolio page was creatively done. Vamshop platform was used for the store. Root and branch rework was done for: product listing and its card, attributes, and order processing.

Link to the project: Astana design


"Sad Floxov" (Phlox garden) gardening webstore

Moscow shop focused on the sale of exclusive sorts of flowers and plants.

Initially the customer had a site made by self-taught programmer, however she liked its design. We took it up to transfer everything to a better platform. The structure of the database was terrible, we had to transfer goods just about manually, but we managed it. At times we significantly refreshed the design without changing the concept of the project. After the startup we made some improvements in sections, and SEO-optimization.

Link to the project: Phlox garden


«Happy Day» Event company

“Business-card” site for the company managing holidays and celebrations.

The project was developed not by us, but as it usually happens, cheap web studio cannot cover everything with good-quality work, and afterwards customers turn to us. All the bugs were updated, flash cap was refurbished, administration part has been adapted to SEO-tasks of the customer, and then basic SEO-optimization was performed. For some sections texts were written, and an advertising campaign was held in Yandex. Currently the site is a leader in the region.

Link to the project: Happy Day

happy day

"Kometa" Webstore

Shop selling tools, household appliances and heating equipment

Alongside with the standard configuration of the store, delivery services, payment systems, we also designed tools for exporting the goods to price comparing sites, Yandex-market, and installed sms notifications for the customer to be aware about orders received for online processing. The design was elaborated based on customer`s requirements. The most thorny path for the designer is when they sit next to you and say what to move and what to draw. But the golden rule is: "The customer is always right." For the moment, because of the situation in the east of Ukraine and problems with the supply of goods, the site suspended its activities.

Link to the project: Kometa


"Ocharovashka» webstore

Cosmetics and beauty products sales store.

Before the store was handled by another web studio. The reason why the customer came to our hands is “non-ability to get along”. We easily deal with anyone, therefore we took on the upgrading. It was offered to change a cap and color scheme, this is what we did. Two options of the website were done: for Russians and Ukrainians, in RUB and UAH accordingly.We refurbished Delivery and Payment unit up to customer's preferences. For Parkway category we implemented another design with advanced functionality and presentation of good`s in Landing Page style.

Link to the project: Ocharovashka


«Lady Victory» webstore

Cosmetics and beauty products sales store, a second store of "Ocharovashka" owner.

For this shop, we had a number of readjustments and bugs left by previous developers, redesigned payment and delivery system and delivery as per customer`s preferences. Masterminded a number of banners. For the reasons unknown, the site was subject to frequent hacker attacks, we successfully rebuffed them, and later moved the site to our server with a higher degree of protection. Afterward we got rid of the problems with hackers.

Link to the project: Lady Victory

lady victory

«Seaway» Cruises

Website selling sea cruises and tours.

The project was executed on the basis of Vamshop platform with certain modifications: we changed the concept of product in this platform, as tours and cruises cannot fit into the standard definition of the product. As for administration part, we added Ajax tables to edit tours information, and tour parsing from the sites of the partners.

We designed a flash cap, which changed based on the time of day. In the daytime if it is day, the ship is in the daylight, at night it`s in the moonlight. The result was picturesque and unusual.

Link to the project: Seaway


«Drive2moto» project (version 1.0)

Biggest motorcycle social network of Runet with the footfall of more than one million people a year. In year 2011, we created a new format for the motorcyclists community - a social network for motorcycles. At the moment, the service promotes the public page via Vkontakte social network (, and is preparing to launch its new, updated version.

Link to the project: drive2moto


"AzovTeploHolod" webstore

Shop selling heat equipment from leading manufacturers.

The site runs on the basis of VamShop platform. We have developed its design considering customer`s preferences: to portray a beautiful house and nature. The mechanism of the currency converter was augmented; we made it possible to specify the price in different currencies simultaneously , which is impossible to do in the ordinary software installation media of the platform. After the delivery of the project we conducted personnel training for its further usage, and tuned ppc advertising campaign.

Link to the project: AzovTeploKholod


"Orion" company

“Business card” website for a company, producing seals and stamps with the opportunity to order seals online.

It was a very complex project in terms of programming, since the point was that: the customer provides a sketch for a desired seal or stamp in online regime, writes the text that should be on the seal, selects tooling, and everything is being visualized. So his/her sketch is being processed, the draft is made as per his/her pattern, and it includes wording and tooling. In other words, before the final click of "order the seal", one can clearly see what the orders.

We Needed to conduct lots of testing for the data received from the client for the accuracy, and media files as well.


"23 carats" Online Store

Ukrainian shop selling jewelry made of gold and silver.

The store was based on Vamshop platform, our designers drew the “shell”, taking into account all the preferences of the customer, the result was very nice. Another task was to make "smart filters" which could consider links between them and filter desired products (for example, There are filters in Vamshope, but these do not consider intercommunication, so we redesigned the module and achieved filtering just like the customer wanted.

In view of the difficult situation in the East of Ukraine, the store ceased to exist.


"Kuponit" coupon aggregator

Aggregator website of discount coupons in Russia.

In 2011 there was a fashion for coupons, and services which sold them, developed a number of affiliated programs ensuring profit. The idea of the customer was as follows: to create a site that would pars coupons from such sites, promote it and cash on affiliated programs.

The complexity of this project was to mastermind a spider robot, which would collect all these coupons. In some cases, we had to be incredibly inventing, to bypass authorization and captchas to view coupons, respond to changes in the layout of aggregators, etc.

In their turn, our designers featured a good-looking design that fully satisfied the customer. The project was commissioned and worked for a long time without problems. Now this fashion has passed, there are no affiliates, and this project is no longer available online.


«Weddings» Wedding Portal

Municipal data portal for wedding subject.

The Portal is based on Wordpress, we drew its design, made a template layout with rubber makeup based on it, also designers created a series of flash banners. As for the software part: enterprises guide plugin was written with the possibility to place both paid and free ads, photo and video galleries, forum.

Subsequently, the customer was provided consulting services for traffic accumulation, SEO-optimization. Site now occupies a leading position in the readout for its subject.

Link to the project: Weddings


"Nathan" Recreation facility

Business card for recreation resort in the Crimea.

Design was invented by the customer, and any of our attempts to draw something more lovely was nipped in a bud. Well, the customer knows better.

The Sitewas made on the Wordpress platform,we made out topics , conducted basic SEO-optimization,wrote SEO- texts for all sections, adding social widgets , made advertising campaign in Google and Yandex for the beach season. Added a module of comments, and notably combined it with comments VKontakte. Arranged consulting on project management.

Link to the project: Nathan


"Sex shop" webstore

The Store of intimate goods, the market leader in Ukraine.

The design is made in accordance with the preferences of the customer. We designed the banners, pop-up windows.

This project was the first time we faced with a Joomla platform, this is what the client wanted. For it store plugin was written, and a number of additional modules also. All the statics of images was divided into 4 static domains to increase the speed of pages loading. SEO-optimization was included, as well as advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google, also the specialist worked on SEO link building.

Link to the project: Sex-shop


"Mariupol city lyceum"

“Business-card” website for Mariupol city Lyceum

Non-commercial project. We were asked by the city administration and the teaching staff of the Lyceum to help their pupils make the website of the institution. We met half-way and helped the kids.

The Site was based on Wordpress, design painted by children. We have collected a ready pattern from their pictures, conducted training on the administration of the content.

Link to the project: MCL


"Fitness Center" webstore

Russian store selling sporting goods.

The project was done not by us. The client came to us with a request to alter the design and fix a number of bugs left by previous developers

Our designers coped with this task, we have changed the design. The Platform of the project was written manually and in poor quality, so it was difficult to fix the bugs, but anyways the staff of our programmers mastered this task and the store started operation without errors.

Link to the project: Fitness center


"Furniture Workshop " webstore

Ukrainian store selling customized furniture.

The site is executed on the Vamshop platform, its design is both nice and good-quality, at the request of the customer we have upgraded and improved the company's logo.

We also added the ability to call the designer, added online-chat to communicate with clients, arranged consulting on project management.

Link to the project: Furniture workshop


"Onyx-tour" travel company

Site tour company in Ukraine.

The project was made by a competing web studio, however the client constantly turned to us to have various bugs corrected, malwares and viruses removed, data recovered, modules completed.

Our programmers successfully coped with the task. Cooperation is ongoing.

Link to the project: Onyx-tour


"KORSAR" marine agency

Marine agency “Business Card”.

A simple project, executed on the platform Wordpress, austere, muted design, flash elements, basic SEO-optimization. Also, we arranged training on filling the site with information for administrators of the company.

Link to the project: Korsar


"Sofy" Webstore

The store of a Flower company for delivery of flowers.

The design was made by an intern; simple and unpretentious. The site runs on a Vamshop platform. With our working experience we started further upgrade of this platform, corrected all errors and bugs.

Link to the project: Sofy


"Autocenter Mariupol Ltd." website

“Business-card” site for the autocenter in Mariupol.

The design has worked out and assembled by our best designer, Home page is made with no scrolling. Since all the information according to the customer, is static, site is made without content management system - pure HTML-code. The remarkable example of the advanced web - design of year 2010.

Link to the project: AutoCenter


"Business Partner" company site

Online store of stationery products and accessories.

One of our first commercial projects. Of course, at that moment of time we were quite inexperienced and were just beginning to learn the basics of web technology, but this is where we started.

For the project we chose Vamshop platform, afterwards we used it quite often, as it was the first one we started with for online stores creation. The design was simple and austere, a number of flash banners for advertising purposes were drawn as well, besides imports of goods from the 1S-system of the company to the store. Was also conducted effective consulting for administration purposes.

Link to the project: Business Partner



This timeline represents by far not everything we`ve done. Many of the previously created projects are no longer relevant or active – the Portfolio contains only some of the works, which are interesting or characterizing the development of both branch as a whole, and our skills in design, development and promotion of the project in the Internet.

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